Although there are some differences in the growing cycle of each different variety of garlic, the majority of the work we do is in helping to ensure that they have a moist and naturally fertilized soil that is perfect for growing garlic.

The process for us starts in October, when we start planting our garlic seeds and carefully ensure that they have plenty of space in order to flourish.

We care and tend the plants through the autumn, winter and spring, which will then be ready to be harvested in May and June. The fresh garlic is known as 'wet' garlic, and this is ready to be purchased and dispatched to our customers in June and July.

If you are interested in purchasing the seeds for our garlic to try growing it yourself, these are usually ready for dispatch in August, ready to give you plenty of time before they are then planted again in October.

All our garlic has been grown organically but not yet certified .This is something we are looking into as soon as possible.