About Us

One of the things that we are most passionate about at the Garlic Farm is the quality of the food that we eat, and it was that passion for all
things food that led us to start growing our own small batches of garlic.


Based in West Wales, we have spent years perfecting our growing techniques, and ensuring that all our garlic has a particularly refined taste and consistency that is second to none. We are also one of the few garlic producers who are proud that all of our garlic is produced in a organically way.


Having shared the garlic with friends and family, and received excellent feedback, we are now in position to ship the finest varieties of garlic to your home or business, wherever you are in the UK. If you would like shipping outside the UK, please contact us and we can provide a quote for shipping.


All our garlic has been grown organically but not yet certified .This is something we are looking into as soon as possible.